Octotel, a Cape Town based Open Access fibre to the home provider, today announced its first ISP packages and pricing. Two well known ISPs, Web Africa and RSAWEB will be providing internet services over the Octotel network.

“We’re happy to partner with these two well respected ISPs, both with competitive pricing and high customer service levels. Octotel is currently talking to two other well know ISPs, who also have plans to offer services over our fibre network,” says Joe Botha, MD of Octotel.

Both ISPs are offering their services with month to month contracts and a R1500 initial install fee. Web Africa’s offering starts at R429/m for a 10Mbps capped service and, on the high end, RSAWEB offers an uncapped 100Mbps service for R1999/m.


To help speed up the process of getting fibre into apartment buildings, Octotel has introduced a Fibre Champion programme, which aims to mobilise champions in communities to support Octotel’s fibre initiatives in their area.

“We’ve had a lot of recent success with getting residents in apartment buildings to help us talk to their respective body corporates and encouraging their neighbours to sign up for our fibre services. The Fibre Champion initiative formalises this process and adds some worthwhile rewards. Fibre Champions save R1710 on their fibre install,” says Botha.

“In short, Fibre Champions need to register on our website, we then give them an information pack with flyers, posters and door hanging signs to distribute. We reward Fibre Champions with a free fibre installation and pay them commission when people in their building, or road, sign up for fibre services,” says Botha.

Octotel started rolling out their services in Sea Point earlier this year, but have now extended their Fibre Champion programme to include any apartment building in the greater Cape Town area.

Octotel is an independent and fully Open Access fibre infrastructure provider which offers an alternative to the country’s aging and highly congested ADSL network. Octotel rolls out its fibre network in partnership with the community and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).