Octotel fibre is now accessible to more than 110 000 homes, making Octotel the first independent open-access fibre network operator to reach this milestone in the Cape. Even more remarkable is the fact that this has been achieved within 4 years of the company’s existence. Despite exclusively deploying its network in Cape Town, Octotel is the third-largest FTTH network behind Openserve and Vumatel but is fast becoming the network of choice for home and business users.
Looking ahead over the next 12 months will see Octotel’s journey of deploying a world-class fibre network in Cape Town taken to new heights, as we pass even more homes with super fast fibre connectivity.

“The growing demand for seamless fibre connectivity has seen us expand aggressively into many new areas,” said Octotel senior network architect Rory van Zyl. “Our vision now is to grow our FTTH network to cover over 150 000 homes in Cape Town within the next year, a target that is now well within sight.”

This vision of rapidly expanding our footprint is well on course of being realised as we pass 4 000 new homes and connect 1 500 new customers each month – that equates to a client getting a fibre connection every 7 minutes, of every workday, on the Octotel network.
To achieve these feats the dedicated and passionate team of 120 Octotel personnel are on hand, delivering unrivalled service every day. When you include the strong relationships with the best Internet Service Providers and business partners the country has to offer Octotel has a recipe that is unbeatable. We thank all our stakeholders for their support, and we are extremely excited for the new clients that will soon be part of the Octotel fibre experience!