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A collaboration between our company, RSAWEB, and The Daily Grind has enabled ten Kraaifontein youth to complete a 12-month coding program through the foundation.

The Daily Grind Innovation Hub, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing training and mentorship to disadvantaged youth, has played a vital role in equipping these individuals with the necessary digital, entrepreneurial, and coding skills to thrive in the job market.

The 10 interns celebrate having completed their Coding Program.

This partnership has provided an invaluable opportunity for the Kraaifontein youth, empowering them to develop their own businesses in the future. The Daily Grind, in addition to offering mentorship, ensured that the participants had the right attitude to succeed in their chosen field.

Dominique Adonis, CEO and Founder of The Daily Grind, expressed the organization’s vision, stating, “We established this organization with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation, and technological advancement within the Kraaifontein community. Our goal is to transform job seekers into job creators. We are immensely proud to have provided the tools and resources necessary to support our vision of Kraaifontein becoming a hub of economic opportunity.”


Dominique Adonis, CEO and Founder of The Daily Grind with Octotel & RSAWEB representatives.

The Daily Grind remains committed to creating more opportunities for the youth of Kraaifontein and the surrounding areas. They firmly believe that, with the support of companies like ours and RSAWEB, these individuals can lead better lives and achieve their dreams.

Carly Haydricks, Octotel CSR Team Lead, emphasized our commitment to such initiatives, stating, “We invested in The Daily Grind as part of our dedication to supporting and celebrating the digital development of the Kraaifontein community. Fibre connectivity has enabled us to accelerate the process of preparing local youth for the digital world. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has access to the tools and resources needed to become digitally literate.”

We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to supporting organizations that provide innovative and tailored digital solutions to local schools and communities. We have also launched initiatives to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the ongoing digital revolution.

When asked about RSAWEB’s motivations in supporting initiatives like The Daily Grind, Rudy van Staden, RSAWEB CEO said, “At RSAWEB, we believe that connectivity is a fundamental right, and we’re committed to making it accessible to all South Africans. We’re proud to partner with community-driven organizations to empower SMEs and local economies with our FTTB solutions. We’re highly passionate about supporting entrepreneurship and economic development in local communities because we know that when these communities thrive, everyone benefits”

This collaboration exemplifies the potential to make a significant impact on youth employment statistics in South Africa. Lynae Clements, one of The Daily Grind graduates, shared her experience, saying, “I always desired to pursue further studies, but my matric results were not favorable. The opportunity at The Daily Grind brought me one step closer to my dream of becoming an Internet Technician. Thanks to the foundation and all the sponsors involved, I am now a qualified Cloud Practitioner. I envision starting my own business in the future and creating employment opportunities for my community.”

The Daily Grind intern Lynae Clements excited for her future dreams. Alongside Carly-Beth Haydricks (Octotel) and Irene van Schalkwyk (RSAWEB)

Our unwavering commitment to positively impacting the lives of young South Africans is evident. Through technology and internet connectivity, they strive to create meaningful change while providing exceptional service to their customers. Stay connected with their social media platforms to stay updated on the numerous projects and initiatives they offer to give back to the local communities they serve.