Octotel stands as the leading Open Access Network in the Western Cape, boasting an expansive reach that encompasses over 350,000 homes and businesses. Our commitment lies in providing high-quality Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and Business (FTTB) connectivity, characterized by affordability and unwavering reliability.

As the operator of the Western Cape’s premier fibre network, Octotel offers a choice of services from over 50 of the country‚Äôs leading Internet Service Providers. Your connectivity needs are our priority, ensuring a seamless and superior experience for homes and businesses alike.

Why Fibre?

Fibre is the fastest and most stable technology for internet access. ADSL is an old technology that runs on copper infrastructure, it is severely limited in capacity and capability. Fibre on the other hand has a 20+ year life span, it is orders of magnitude faster than copper and provided by a new generation of telco operator. We bring fibre connectivity directly into every home using the same technology as in leading international broadband markets.

Why Octotel?

We offer an alternative to the current ageing and highly congested ADSL network. Octotel rolls out its fibre network in partnership with the community and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using an Open Access business model. We are an independent fibre provider that provides line rental services to ISPs on a fully vendor neutral basis.

Preferential Procurement
We have a proactive procurement approach at Octotel. Our internal policies support the objectives of Preferential Procurement and ensure that our supply chain includes as many empowered businesses as possible.

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