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Office Number: 0874700800

The Point Office Tower, 76 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town

Note: Parking entrance is on Cassel Road or St Andrews Road. Entrance to the building is on Cassel Road. Find us in the Office Tower, not the Shopping Mall area.

Octotel is Cape Town’s first Open Access Network focused on Fibre to the Home (FTTH). We provide fibre optic line rental services. Our services are affordable and reliable. We are currently rolling out our services along the Atlantic Seaboard, with a focus on apartment buildings.

Why Fibre?

Fibre is the fastest technology for internet access. ADSL is an old technology that runs on copper infrastructure, it’s limited to 10Mbps and provided by Telkom. Fibre has a long life span, it’s orders of magnitude faster than copper and provided by a new generation of telco. We bring fibre connectivity directly into every home using the same technology as in leading international broadband markets.

Why Octotel?

We offer an alternative to Telkom’s aging and highly congested ADSL network. Octotel rolls out its fibre network in partnership with the community and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using an Open Access business model. We are an independent fibre provider that provides line rental services to ISPs on a fully vendor neutral basis. Octotel was started by a team of telecommunication industry veterans with a passion for building exciting fast growing companies.

Fibre is the Future

We believe fibre is the basis for all future communication infrastructure.