Open Access Fibre Network

We announced early this year that our highly sought-after fibre internet is now coming to the Fisantekraal and Greenville neighborhoods.

In addition to providing ultra-reliable, super-fast internet to local residents and businesses around the Western Cape, we are also known for our world-class customer service and commitment to the communities we serve. Since we established our company in early 2016, we have since expanded our operations to pass over 300 000 homes in the communities of the province.

“At Octotel, we understand the importance of homes having access to low-cost, high-quality connectivity solutions within all neighborhoods of the Western Cape. Octotel is committed to delivering exactly that. We are extremely excited to add the communities of Fisantekraal and Greenville to our growing and high quality network infrastructure,” stated Octotel Technical Manager, Upkaar Bhownath.

Generally, our deployment process is anticipated to take three to four months as the network is rolled out in sectors, although it may differ if unforeseen circumstances occur. After that, residents will have access to the fastest fibre internet service available in the city.

“Our plan is to construct a trenched underground network that will provide the community with a world-class and resilient network that is safely and neatly buried underground. This means NO unsightly poles and NO messy overhead cables. Together with Bilionetworks, the formally appointed contractors, our dedicated teams will work hard to make the fibre network a reality for the community of Fisantekraal,” Bhownath explained.

This marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to scale rapidly and provide fast fibre internet connectivity to Fisantekraal and Greenville as part of our growth.

“It is exciting that we have so many people interested in joining our fibre network, and we will ensure it is accessible to everyone. Our fibre deployment to the homes in Fisantekraal  is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide in South Africa,” Bhownath added.

In the future, we believe that the availability of fast and reliable internet to the community will allow homes to connect with the world, through access to online and educational resources, creating opportunities for themselves and their families.