Open Access Fibre Network

At Octotel, we believe that education has the power to transform lives. That’s why we are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to those who lack access to them. Through our proactive investment in programs designed to empower individuals, we strive to create a better world for all.

Our Schools Sponsorship Program, in collaboration with our Internet Service Providers, has successfully connected over 130 schools to high-speed fibre connectivity in the Western Cape. Among the beneficiaries of this initiative is Bertie Barnard Primary School in Stilbaai. Our partnership with this school showcases our commitment to promoting digital inclusion and enhancing the quality of education.

Octotel activating at Bertie Barnard Primary School's Annual Color Run.

“The impact of Octotel’s sponsorship at Bertie Barnard Primary School has been significant. With reliable internet access provided by Octotel, all our students now have the opportunity to connect to the digital world. This connectivity is especially valuable for our students who previously had no access to the internet. The school is immensely grateful for this support and hopes to continue and expand the partnership with Octotel in the future.” – Mr. Nicky Deetlefs, Principal at Bertie Barnard Primary School.

By connecting schools to our high-speed fibre internet service, we bring numerous benefits to students and enhance their learning experiences. Through platforms like Google and YouTube, students gain immediate access to a wealth of information. These platforms serve as valuable tools for research, content sharing, and knowledge exploration. Students can now access captivating images, educational videos, and a vast array of books, expanding their horizons like never before.

Furthermore, our provision of uncapped fibre connectivity positions schools as central hubs for accessing internet resources vital to education. By providing access to computer literacy, we empower them to seize the opportunities presented by the internet and better prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

The community of Stilbaai enjoying their time at the Color Run.

In addition to connectivity, Octotel has been actively involved in supporting Bertie Barnard Primary School. We assisted in acquiring a new school signage board, which enhances the school’s identity and visibility within the community. We also had the privilege of participating in the school’s December Color Run, promoting unity, health, and wellness among the students. Witnessing the positive outcomes and impact on the students has been truly rewarding for us.

At Octotel, we are proud to be part of the growth and development of Bertie Bernard Primary School. Through our sponsorship and collaboration, we are making a difference in the lives of students and contributing to a brighter future for them.