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In the heart of Kwalanga Township, a remarkable event took place that left a lasting impact on the students of Khulani High School and Isilimela High School. The Octotel Youth Accelerator, our first-ever initiative, brought together over 500+ matric students to inspire and empower them for their future beyond high school. This event, held at the Love Life Centre, aimed to instill hope, excitement, and a sense of purpose among these young minds, providing them with essential guidance and connections to thrive both academically and professionally.

The Octotel Team with Youth Accelerator host, Katlego Maboe


As a brand, we are committed to believing in the potential that these bright children can achieve. The Youth Accelerator provided a powerful platform for encouraging them to dream big and aim high, recognizing that their future lies in their hands. Several opportunities and possibilities were presented to them with the help of local companies, industry professionals, and mentors.


The event acted as a powerful platform to connect the students with industry professionals, local companies, and potential mentors. The love and support from corporate organizations played a pivotal role in making this event a reality for the aspiring young minds of Kwalanga. Exhibitions by partner companies like NYDA, MEDIA 24, COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN, IKAMVA YOUTH, UNISA, CETA, and many more showcased bursary applications, learnership opportunities, and guidance that could pave the way for their future success.

The Western Cape Department of Education attending to students that are interested in the Health field.
Exhibitions by partner companies showcased bursary opportunities & career guidance to the students.



The Youth Accelerator event wouldn’t have been complete without the wisdom and experiences shared by influential keynote speakers who hailed from the same communities as these ambitious young students. Vincent Manzini, co-founder of Black Kanvas, shared his journey to success, proving that dreams know no boundaries. Thulani Magazi, editor of the People’s Post and City Vision, inspired the audience with the power of storytelling and its impact on communities.

Siya Beyile, founder of The Threaded Man, emphasized the importance of individuality and being unapologetically yourself. Ayanda Kahla, the founder of AK Fitness, brought health and wellness to the forefront, highlighting the significance of fitness accessibility for all communities. The talented television personality, Katlego Maboe, hosted the event and shared his own road to success, leaving the audience with valuable life lessons.

Thulani Magazi, editor of the People's Post and City Vision.
Vincent Manzini, co-founder of Black Kanvas.

A Bright Future Ahead:

As the event concluded, it was clear that the day marked the beginning of a brighter future for the youth of Kwalanga. The Octotel Youth Accelerator brought together the power of community support, corporate partnerships, and inspirational leaders, creating an experience that will forever resonate with these young future leaders.

In the spirit of unity and shared dreams, the Youth Accelerator event has set the stage for the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers. With hope in their hearts and determination, the students of Kwalanga are ready to take on the world, leaving a lasting mark on the community and beyond.

The high school students interacting with the event host while winning themselves prizes.


In the end, it is events like these that remind us all of the incredible potential that lies within the youth, and it is our collective responsibility to nurture and support that potential, because that is HOW WE CONNECT.