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At the heart of Wellington, where opportunities for growth and dreams flourish, a beacon of hope and entrepreneurship shines brightly. Meet Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama, a business fueled by determination, community spirit, and the dream of making a positive impact.



Isibaya’s story unfolds on the busy streets of Van Wyksvlei, where the founder, driven by a desire to transform his community, embarked on a journey at the tender age of 11. Surrounded by stories of hardship yet inspired by self-sufficient family members, the founder started washing and fixing cars, laying the foundation for what would become Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama.

By the age of 14, equipped with the skills to drive, wash, and fix cars, the vision expanded. The founder negotiated with the landlord for a piece of land, envisioning not just a car wash but a community hub that would bring people together over food, drinks, and shared experiences.

Witness the incredible journey of Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama in Van Wyks Vlei, captured in the stark beauty of its humble beginnings.
What was once an empty field now stands as a testament to dreams realized and stories written.



Located within a community rich in potential, Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama is looking forward to a transformative journey with the support of Octotel’s Local Business Booster campaign. More than a mere vehicle for business promotion, this initiative is the spark that ignites positive change within the local community.

Picture the excitement of bi-weekly Friday movie nights for kids, turning Isibaya into a dynamic space for entertainment—a place where families can come together for fun and relaxation.

And that’s just the beginning. With ambitious plans in motion, the establishment is set to diversify its services, offering more than just excellent car washes and delicious Shisanyama. Soon, it will be your go-to hub for convenience—whether you need airtime, electricity, or seamless payment options. Isibaya is committed to enhancing customer experiences and driving unprecedented business growth.

Indulge in the fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional charm as you revel in the vibrant ambiance.
Witness the breathtaking transformation of Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama in Van Wyks Vlei. From humble beginnings to a haven of sophistication, our establishment has blossomed into a visual feast for all senses.



Our Local Link campaign emphasizes a mutually beneficial partnership that transcends boundaries and proves the power of collaboration between two remarkable businesses.

With the support of Octotel, Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama envisions becoming more than just a car wash—it aspires to be a hub of community engagement. Plans include opening a gaming shop for kids, and leveraging the installation of high-speed fibre to attract a broader customer base.

Indulge your senses in the tantalizing aroma and succulent taste of their mouthwatering Shisanyama. Each bite tells a story of perfected grilling techniques and the finest, hand-selected meats.
Their dedicated team transforms each vehicle into a sparkling masterpiece, leaving no detail untouched. From precision to passion, experience a car wash that goes beyond the surface.



Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama is not just a business; it’s a community cornerstone. Visit today to experience the spirit of entrepreneurship, indulge in top-notch services, and be part of a vision that’s transforming Van Wyksvlei one car wash at a time.

As a token of appreciation, we’re giving away a R200 voucher for you to wash your car or enjoy a meal at Isibaya. Simply visit the establishment, snap a photo, and post it on social media using the hashtag #OctotelLocalLink. Don’t forget to tag us!

Location: 20 Sand Street, Wellington.




Eligibility: This promotion is open to Octotel clients only.

Voucher Distribution: A total of four (4) R200 vouchers will be awarded to qualifying entrants during the promotional period.

Promotional Period: The giveaway ends in December 2023.

Redemption: To qualify for the voucher, entrants must visit Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama, located at 20 Sand Street, Wellington, and post a photo on social media with the establishment, using the hashtag #OctotelLocalLink. Entrants must also tag Octotel in the post.

Selection of Winners: Winners will be selected at random from eligible entries and notified through social media.

Voucher Redemption: The R200 voucher can be used for car wash services or meals at Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama.

Publicity: By participating, entrants grant Octotel and Isibaya Car Wash & Shisanyama the right to use their name and submitted content for promotional purposes.

General Conditions: Octotel reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the promotion at any time. Octotel’s decisions are final and binding in all matters related to the promotion.


Together, we drive growth. Octotel and Isibaya —  CONNECTING COMMUNITIES…